Paragliding: Sworek to be an Alternative of Pokhara

असार ०३, २०७९

Smart Akhabar Correspondent
17 June 2022, Friday

Syangja, located in the central part of Gandaki Province, has long been known as the district of  administrators. Now, Syangja’s identity is not going to be limited in national level only, but will spread to the international level as well. The reason is the the best destination of adventure sports, the hub for paragliding -Sworek Maidan. After two decades of paragliding flight at Sworek Maidan in Bhirkot Municipality Ward No 5 of the district, its discussion, dignity and necessity are increasing.

About 95% construction work of the Pokhara Regional International Airport has been completed. Paragliding is sure to be displaced from Pokhara due to the construction of the airport, which was built for the purpose of tourism development.
The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has instructed paragliding in the skies of Pokhara to relocate by 2022 though the official operation of the PRIA is not fixed yet. Along with paragliding, another tourist facility of Pokhara, Ultralight flight will also be displaced from here.

Sworek Maidan is about 60 km from Pokhara. It is not only an alternative of Pokhara for paragliding but is also one of the best paragliding destinations in Nepal. Sworek Maidan, situated at an altitude of 1580 m above sea level, is at a distance of 9 km from Bayarghari, a small city on the Siddhartha Highway. After traveling 13 kilometers from Waling, it is possible to reach there. Tourists can see the scenic view of Annapurna Himal, hilly terrain, Nagveli of Andhikhola river formed in the central part of the district.

Bhirkot and Waling municipalities both have been constructing the black-topped the roads and bettering the roadways for easy access of tourists to the destination in order to take advantage of the tourism. However, in order to make Sworek an excellent and comfortable destination, development of other infrastructures and better roadways connections should be established within a year. Footpaths and bicycle tracks have been constructed for tourists at Sworek Maidan. There are also homestays, hotels, resorts for tourists.

Babu Adventure, a company run by the experts in adeventure tourism is providing all the facilities to the tourists along with organic food. Sanobabu Sunuwar, Paragliding Expert, the world-renowned personality in adventure sports, is also running an international level paragliding school here. This school is the first international level paragliding school where international and domestic tourists come to learn flying and sip the spectacular views of the paradise, Sworek Maidan and its surroundings. Paragliding World Cup was also successfully accomplished in 2018 to have  Sworek Maidan known worldwide.