Gadahare Cave: A Promising Tourist Destination in Nepal

बैशाख २९, २०८१

NP Koirala

Located in Bhirkot Municipality of Syangja district in Gandaki Province, Gadahare Cave has the potential to become a significant tourist destination in the country. A geological study conducted by Bedrock Engineering Consultancy in Kathmandu revealed that the cave stretches to a length of 678 meters, with further exploration showing that the journey inside the cave is extremely challenging and nearly impossible beyond that length.

According to the study presented by Dr. Kaviraj Paudyal, a professor at Tribhuvan University, the cave is enriched with natural features like the Shiva Linga, elephant trunk, elephant footprints, cow’s teat, bats’ nest, maize cob, grapevine canopy, and bee hive , making it a potential major religious tourism site in the country.Gadahare Cave offers a unique opportunity to explore various natural wonders, from stalactites to ponds, waterfalls, and open caves. A waterfall can be seen within 213 meters from the entrance gate. The cave also features diverse heights, ranging from 20 meters to 19.2 meters wide, with areas where around 300 people can gather at once. Locals recall that during the armed conflict era, Maoist rebels used this place as a shelter. Due to its varying terrains and heights, the cave is also an excellent destination for adventurous tourism.


According to Prof. Dr. Paudel, among all known caves in Nepal, Gadahare Cave stands out for its length and unique features. Although locals identified it in 2045 B.S., significant geological and geophysical surveys were conducted only a few decades ago under the leadership of former Mayor Chhayaram Khanal.

Current Mayor Govinda Kumar Karmacharya emphasizes the need for coordinated efforts from local, provincial, and federal governments to develop and promote Gadahare Cave as a safe and organized tourist destination. Despite the municipality’s efforts in infrastructure development, the construction of a tourism road by the provincial/federal government is essential to facilitate easy access to the site. Mayor Karmacharya acknowledges the usefulness of the study report on Gadahare Cave and urges everyone to contribute to its promotion as a significant religious, natural, and geographical attraction. With its religious, natural, and geographical uniqueness, Gadahare Cave holds immense potential to become Nepal’s premier tourist destination.”